Genealogical Research Course – Boston University

While life is very busy these days, I convinced myself to enroll for Boston University’s Genealogical Research Course.

After I read several compelling reviews (particularly this one), I saw this course as an opportunity to dive deep into genealogy to learn the ins and outs.  While several other certificate courses exist, it appeared that some are not offered online or they’re more costly and not necessarily what I was looking for from a subject standpoint. I tend to focusing heavily on the exciting discovery of new information without necessarily documenting it properly.  To solve for this, the course will go through the detailed process from start to finish.  I have a feeling that I will be dismantling my tree piece by piece after to ensure every part of it is better researched and documented. The course will also help me understand if genealogy is something I’d want to pursue more professionally in the future.  To showcase some of the course curriculum, here are a few of the books required:


I’ve purchased my books and the class starts May 15th.  It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been in school, so here’s hoping I’m able to get back into student mode.  I’m both excited and a tad nervous about the opportunity, so wish me luck!

Question:  Have you ever taken any genealogy certifications?  If so, from where and how would you rate it?


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