A Chapter Closed – Otto & His Final Resting Place

I’ve had my head in the books for the past week straight and Geni Journey has taken a back seat. The Boston University Genealogical Research class is a challenging but rewarding experience and I look forward to sharing so much of what I’ve learned here.  In the meantime, I wanted to post this timely update:

Over the past few weeks, I wrote about my great grandfather and his “interesting” story (part 1). I reviewed the questions I had about who he was, where he was buried and more.

I then discovered (and wrote about) some unfavorable info (part 2) that enabled me to see that he was a man of many bad life decisions.  Through each post, I reflected on the photo I had of his headstone which showed no death date and has sat untouched for the past twenty-four years since his death.  Regardless of how I viewed his character, I felt as though a chapter needed to be closed with a final resting date on his headstone.  It didn’t sit right with me otherwise.

Today I received notification from the monument company that the job has been completed.  I hadn’t had a chance to send the payment out, so I was admittedly caught off guard when I received notice of it.  While I never knew Otto, I felt as a fellow human who has descended from him, he deserved to have the final chapter of his story closed.  While this may not be a big act, or change all that resulted from his life’s unpredictable trajectory, perhaps it’ll provide closure for those affected, and for him wherever he may be.

Rest in Peace Otto.

Before & After: Otto Stanley’s Headstone. 1895 – 1993





  1. Kate, I bet Otto is looking down on you forever grateful that you acknowledged his year of death and completed the record of his life cycle. I believe he is truly resting in peace.

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