AncestryDNA Kit Giveaway!

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Today is the perfect day for an AncestryDNA kit giveaway!  Why? I’m spending my free time this summer (crazy, I know) in an intensive genealogical research program and today, the Forensic Genealogy portion of the course starts.  I can’t wait to combine my genealogical research knowledge with DNA forensics, since I’m passionate about both.

As mentioned last week, I’m partnering with to give away one of their fantastic DNA kits (provided to me for free).  I’ve been a paying member of since 2011.  I sprung for a DNA kit last year and have been able to connect with so many cousins to help fill in gaps within my family tree.  Ancestry is a leader in consumer-based DNA ethnicity testing and finding your results can be exhilarating. Each site has their own algorithm, so taking the information found with the test and applying it to genealogical research is key vs taking each percentage at face value.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with how it works but if you’re not, here’s a quick run down.

  1. You receive your kit in the mail.
  2. You spit into a tube (kind of weird but who knew so much could be discovered with spit?!).
  3. You send your kit back in the pre-paid addressed envelope (make sure to register it online before sending your sample out).
  4. You wait about 6-8 weeks.
  5. Voila! You will receive your results.

You’ll see a breakdown of your ethnicity (based on Ancestry’s algorithm) and they’ll search their network of over 2 million AncestryDNA members to identify people across the world who share DNA with you.

My AncestryDNA Dashboard

Enough of the rambling right?  Here’s your chance to win one of your own.  Normally valued at $99 (currently on sale for $79), I’m giving away one free here on my blog.  How to enter?  You must verify your birth date, name and email address.  You’ll get a BONUS entry for every bonus action taken after initially entering.  Bonus entries are a one-time bonus for each with the exception of subscribing to my blog….

  1. Fill out the form (1 entry)
  2. “Like” Geni Journey on Facebook (1 entry)
  3. Follow GeniJourney on Twitter (1 entry)
  4. Send out a tweet on Twitter (1 Entry)
  5. Subscribe to blog (3 entries)

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Good luck!

Disclaimer:  The DNA Kit being given away was provided by AncestryDNA but all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Thank you for opportunity to win, I stupidly bought one for my now soon to be ex husband when I’ve wanted to do it for a long time. We’ve both been very interested in our toys and tracing our genealogy, I’ve hit some snags on my paternal side so it doesn’t go very far and a DNA test would be very cool to see what really lies there.

    1. DNA testing is a great way to fill in the blanks…especially when you are able to talk to folks who share DNA and are able to help. Thank you for entering!

  2. I tryed to enter the giveaway for the Ancestry DNA kit. But it keeps telling me to enter a valid email. And I have tried both of my email address.

    1. Hi Dianne, can you try again once more? If it doesn’t work, please email me your info at kate @ and I’ll manually add you to the entries. Sorry for any issues.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest! Would be great to find out what my roots are! My maternal great grandfather was a genealogist and traced his wife’s family all the way back to Pocahontas and more! Now I just need help getting past my paternal grandparents! I’ve heard many stories about my paternal grandmother but cannot find anything certain.

    1. That is so exciting. AncestryDNA results can definitely help you fill in the blanks. Thanks for entering Barbara!

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