Deep DNA Discounts: AncestryDNA & FamilyTreeDNA

Thank you again to all who entered the AncestryDNA kit giveaway here on the blog.  I know that costs of these tests can be sometimes be prohibitive for many, but as they grow in popularity, the pricing and sales for these tests get better and better!  I have yet to write a post simply on sales but these sales are too good not to.

AncestryDNA is traditionally $99 but recently, they’ve been selling them on sale for $79.  Now, they’re sweetening the deal by bringing back their lowest (Black Friday) price of $69.  This promotion starts tomorrow, August 6th and ends August 15th.  

Also, FamilyTreeDNA is having a Friends & Family Sale.  To compete with AncestryDNA, they’re selling their Family Finder test for $69 as well.  They also have discounts on some of their more advanced DNA tests too.  I couldn’t find the valid dates for this promotion but they do say that it’s “Limited Time Offer”, so my guess is that it’ll be valid for about the same as the promotion above.

  • Family Finder: $89, now $69
  • yDNA37: $169, now $139
  • yDNA37 + Family Finder: $258, now $198
  • FMS (full mt sequence): $199, now $159
  • FMS + FamilyFinder: $288, now $218
  • Y67+ FMS + FamilyFinder: $566, now $430

Family Tree DNA Friends & Family Sale - Family Finder Only $69

The great news is: These two sites are among the top three sites to test with.  If you’re looking for a bit of a breakdown of each, check out my blog post with a little more information about which one may be right for you.  As always, you’re more than welcome to reach out with any questions you may have.  Just shoot me a note on the contact form.

In meantime, happy DNAing!

Disclaimer: Some of the links you find on on this post are affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. This no way affects opinion of any of these services as I provide my personal and honest opinion of each.

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