UPDATE – Personal Changes, Trip to Ireland & More

It’s been rather quiet here in Geni Journey land.  You see, I started this blog excitedly with a plan to share my passion for genealogy and help others get started on their own journey.  Around the same time I launched this blog, I also decided to pursue my Certificate in Genealogical Research through Boston University.

The class was rewarding, challenging and time-consuming (took anywhere from 30-50 extra hours a week over the summer) but did pull me away from the blog a bit. Shortly after completing the course, I had to make some difficult life-changing personal decisions and moved from Rhode Island (my home of five years) to my home state of Massachusetts. In the midst of moving, I traveled on a long-planned trip (best trip of my life) to Ireland with my mother and father — enabling me to get closer to my Irish roots than ever before.   It’s been quite the whirlwind to say the least!

With that said, I’ll be revving this blogging engine back up shortly.  Expect to see:

  • Another DNA Kit Giveaway (?)
  • A Review of Boston University Genealogical Research certificate program (for anyone thinking of pursuing it).
  • Amazing stories and photos from my genealogical trip to Ireland (+ some tips I learned from my trip)

I’m excited to slowly but surely get back into genealogy and appreciate everyone’s support with life’s crazy (and unexpected) twists and turns in the interim.


  1. Glad to hear your doing good !!!! One day I will make it to Ireland that’s where my ancestors came from my Great Grandparents were OCARRIGAN ,

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