Wednesday Wisdom: Facebook Groups For Genealogy

How do Facebook groups help you with genealogical research?

Here’s how…

For today’s Tuesday tip Wednesday Wisdom, I wanted to recommend a resource that many people are familiar with but may not consider for genealogical purposes – Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups have been an invaluable resource for many over the years for every topic such as Parenting, Medical Issues and now, genealogical research.  The most resourceful groups on Facebook often have a clean cut list of rules for engagement and have dedicated moderators who manage the conversation to make sure it’s on topic and stays friendly.  Several groups do require information before accepting you.  Make sure to carefully read the directions and to avoid being vague in your answers.  Some groups are more strict than others.

A few Facebook groups worth checking out for genealogy are the following:

  • Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques:  The talented Blaine T. Bettinger (author of created the group in 2017 for all levels of DNA education.
  • Genealogy Chit-Chat:  This group is geared towards general genealogy and allows for different types of discussion – including celebration of victories and defeats.
  • Sicilian and Aeolian Islands Genealogy:  This is obviously a very specific Genealogy group for a specific region of the world but many others like this exist.  What I love about this group and similar groups is the helpfulness of other group members who speak the native language. I’ve seen several of them help translate documents and give information on where to find more information.  These groups are invaluable for regions that lack a lot of indexed and translated documents.
  • Genealogy Translations:  This is a rather self-explanatory group but they do not let folks in lightly.  Read the directions of their admins before requesting access.

The above is obviously not an exhaustive list of the available genealogy groups but just an example.  To get started, search for terms that are most relevant to your genealogy search at Facebook’s search bar up top.  You can start with searching for the simple term “genealogy” or tighten your search by adding more terms.

In this case, because I am already an existing member of several genealogy groups and a fan of several genealogy pages, the relevant results come up for me.  If you are not a member of these groups, you may receive a mixture of posts, groups, news articles or whatever Facebook pulls up around the topic you’re searching for.  Make sure to refine your search by pressing “Groups” up top.

From there, you should see a list of genealogy-related groups to choose from.  The good news is, if a certain group isn’t the right fit for you, you can choose to leave it at any point.  It’s great to see Facebook evolving from more than just a tool to keep in touch with family and friends.  We now get to keep in touch with strangers from around the world who share the same common interest!

Do you use Facebook groups for genealogy?  If so, which one is your favorite?

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