My Ancestry

This page will expand as time goes on but for now, here’s a little information to start:

While I primarily research my ancestry within New England, Ireland, England, Canada and Italy, I’m always interested in learning more about the history of others and am happy to help where able to.  My goal is to inspire others to begin their own genealogical journey and to preserve my own for future generations.

Names I’m currently researching:

  • Clark (Massachusetts)
  • Hooper (Massachusetts)
  • McSweeney / Sweeney (Massachusetts & Ireland)
  • Hagan (Massachusetts & Ireland)
  • Power / Powers (Massachusetts & Waterford County, Ireland)
  • Ronayne (Massachusetts & Waterford County, Ireland
  • Galligan (Massachusetts, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and County Cavan, Ireland)
  • Reilly (Massachusetts, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and County Cavan, Ireland)
  • Foti / Forti (Pezzollo, Sicily, Italy)
  • Bonfiglio (Sicily, Italy)
  • Stanley (Newfoundland, Michigan and potentially Tennessee or North Carolina)
  • Snow (Newfoundland)
  • Martin (Newfoundland)
  • Atkins (Massachusetts, Maine, England)
  • Hammond (Massachusetts, England)
  • Howse / House (Massachusetts (Barnstable County), England)
  • Crowe / Crowell (Massachusetts (Barnstable County), England)