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I’d like to welcome you to my new blog, GeniJourney.com. Over the past 6 years, my passion for genealogy has grown exponentially. It is something I will continue to be passionate about throughout my life and my goal is to get others excited to learn about their family history too. As I share my love for genealogy with others, many ask how to get started. While I am not a certified genealogist by any means (it is on my bucket list), my hope is to be able to help others begin their own journey and assist them in getting answers in a faster and more accurate way (I’ve made a lot of mistakes that I’ve learned from and still do, sometimes)!

My interest began when I wanted to know about my Italian roots. I was adopted by my step-father at an early age and heard rumblings of my biological father’s roots being Italian and Canadian, but I didn’t know much. This took me on a journey to explore not only that unknown side of the family, but it also enabled me to dig deeper into my mother’s ancestry; uncovering compelling stories and mysteries alike.

Genealogy is truly a journey. You find that you’re never quite finished as there’s always more information becoming available, and more stories and questions to dive into. Each discovery gives people, like myself, a rush of energy and excitement as we seek to uncover more about our ancestors. Now with the introduction of consumer DNA testing– it is shaking up everything we know about genealogy, and allowing us to connect with distant (and sometimes close) family members around the world.

Within this blog, you can expect to see the following in the near future:

      • How to Get Started – I’ll give you suggestions on how to begin and some tips on easy mistakes to avoid. I’ll also provide a list of resources (both free and paid) for you to check out.
      • DNA Tests – Pros and cons of several tests I have tried and what to expect.
      • Recent Stories – Every day there is a new story or person I’ve discovered in my geni journey and interesting narratives that have impacted both me and people that I’ve met along the way!
      • What I’m Working On – I’ll reveal some of the challenges I’m facing in my research and offer my help and assistance with yours.
      • Volunteer Opportunities – I’ll share volunteering opportunities that can help you with your own genealogy research skills.

I look forward to detailing the accounts of my geni journey with you and helping to guide you through your own. In the meantime, I’ve created a Facebook page and Twitter account so feel free to follow.


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